Best ExpressVPN Locations for China Users: Speed & Access

Navigating the digital landscape in China can be tricky, but I’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering what location to use for ExpressVPN in China, you’re not alone. The key is finding a server that offers both speed and reliability.

I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing to ensure I can give you the best advice. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveler, I’ll guide you through the process of selecting the optimal VPN location for your needs in China. Let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of the internet, without the Great Firewall getting in your way.

The challenges of using a VPN in China

Navigating China’s digital landscape with a VPN like ExpressVPN presents unique challenges. As a tech-savvy traveler, I’ve faced obstacles firsthand. For starters, how to download ExpressVPN in China can stump many, given the Great Firewall’s tight grip on internet content. The official website may often be blocked, making it crucial to prepare before arriving.

Furthermore, picking what location should I use for ExpressVPN in China determines the quality of your connection. Certain servers offer better speeds and reliability than others. Here’s a fact that many aren’t aware of: ExpressVPN doesn’t have servers actually located in China. This is likely because of the potential risks and stringent regulations internet companies face within the country.

When it comes to how to use ExpressVPN in China, it’s essential to stay updated on which servers connect seamlessly. Regular adjustments by the service provider mean that the choice of server location can change over time to ensure the most reliable connections. I’ve discovered that servers located in neighboring countries generally provide the best performance and should be prioritized.

Experience teaches that patience is key when connecting to a VPN in China. Sometimes, it might take several attempts before a stable connection is established. Rest assured, once you’re connected, the freedom and access provided by using ExpressVPN in China are well worth the initial effort.

Why ExpressVPN is a good choice for China

When it comes to circumventing internet restrictions in China, ExpressVPN stands out as a robust option. Many users frequently ask me, “how to use ExpressVPN in China?” and I always emphasize that it’s all about having the right features. First off, ExpressVPN’s encryption protocols are top-notch, meaning my online activities remain secure and anonymous. This is crucial in a country with such stringent surveillance.

Another aspect I appreciate is the vast selection of server locations that ExpressVPN provides. Although there’s a notable absence of servers within China — likely due to the intense regulatory environment — ExpressVPN compensates with a network of servers in nearby countries. This network ensures I can maintain a reliable and high-speed connection, which is vital for both work and personal use.

I’ve found that the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan server locations often give me the best performance. Given that there’s no straightforward answer to “what location should I use for ExpressVPN in China?”, it’s beneficial that ExpressVPN provides a Smart Location feature that automatically selects the optimal server for me.

So, for those trying to figure out “how to download ExpressVPN in China”, remember that preparing before arrival is key. Once set up, you’ll find that the usability and reliability of ExpressVPN make it a solid choice for navigating the digital landscape in China, where many popular websites and services are otherwise inaccessible.

Factors to consider when choosing a VPN location in China

Selecting the right VPN server location while using ExpressVPN in China is crucial to ensure not just connectivity but also speed and reliability. When pondering over what location I should use for ExpressVPN in China, there are several factors to consider that can make or break my online experience.

Firstly, proximity plays a pivotal role. Server locations close to China like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan often provide faster speeds due to their geographical closeness. I’ve found that Hong Kong, in particular, strikes a good balance between speed and accessibility. This can be vital especially if I’m looking to maintain a seamless connection for streaming or downloading content.

Internet laws and regulations in the server location are another factor that can’t be overlooked. Opting for countries with laxer internet restrictions generally means less chance of service interruptions. That’s why countries with fewer internet restrictions and no direct data-sharing agreements with China are preferable for VPN server connections.

Another aspect is the server load. More users on a single server can mean slower speeds, which is why ExpressVPN’s wide selection of server locations is so handy. I can easily check the server load and switch to a less crowded server for better performance. This is often overlooked while trying to understand how to use ExpressVPN in China.

While the question of why ExpressVPN isn’t there in China may arise, it’s important to remember that to bypass stringent restrictions, the VPN service avoids housing servers within highly surveilled regions. Instead, I should focus on connecting to the available servers in strategic locations to ensure robust security and dependable access to global sites.

Learning how to download ExpressVPN in China requires a bit of preparation. I make sure to have the VPN installed and everything set up before my arrival; this way, I’m assured that I’m ready to connect once I step into the country. Thanks to the Smart Location feature, I can sometimes let ExpressVPN automatically select the optimal server for me, but I still prefer to choose manually considering the aforementioned factors for the best results.

When considering how to use ExpressVPN in China, it’s crucial to pick server locations that provide a balance of speed and unobstructed access. I’ve discovered that certain locations consistently deliver the best performance. Hong Kong and Taiwan are geographically close to China and typically have lower latency. Plus, they don’t have strict internet censorship, ensuring open access to global websites.

Japan and Singapore also make strong choices for ExpressVPN servers. They’re technologically advanced countries with robust infrastructure, meaning they’re incredibly reliable and fast. Opting for servers in these Asian countries often yields the best results for connectivity and should top your list when you’re puzzling over what location should I use for ExpressVPN in China.

If you’re outside Asia, West Coast USA servers may also provide relatively good speeds due to their global connectivity nodes. However, bear in mind that the further away the server, the higher the likelihood of increased latency.

Some users wonder why isn’t there China among the server options in ExpressVPN. The simple answer is stringent regulations in the region. But don’t let that deter you; the recommended locations will still streamline your online experience. Remember to download ExpressVPN in China before traveling to avoid any potential challenges with website accessibility.

Choosing the right VPN location isn’t just about proximity; it’s also about strategic connectivity and ensuring you have the freedom to access the content you need without disruption. Choose wisely, and make the virtual world your oyster, even behind The Great Firewall.

How to change your VPN location on ExpressVPN

When you’re in China and need to switch your ExpressVPN location, it’s a quick and easy process. First, I make sure my ExpressVPN app is already downloaded because installing it while in China can be a bit tricky. If you haven’t done so yet, remember how to download ExpressVPN in China before you travel—this ensures that you can set it up without a hitch.

Opening the ExpressVPN app, I select the VPN server location panel. It’s here that I can choose which server to connect with. For the optimal experience in China, what location should I use for ExpressVPN? I usually pick from the list of recommended servers such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, or the West Coast of the USA. These servers are a strategic choice because they offer both speed and reliable access.

While you might wonder “ExpressVPN why isn’t there China among the server options?” remember it’s due to China’s rigorous restrictions. Given this scenario, using servers close to China but still outside their legal jurisdiction is your best bet for unbuffered and swift internet access.

As for the specifics, after you’ve decided on a server location, simply click on it and then press the big power button. ExpressVPN will then connect to the selected location, and you’ll be all set. Always keep an eye on the ExpressVPN which servers China users frequently choose—you’ll often find them rated high for speed and reliability.


Choosing the right VPN location while in China is crucial for maintaining fast and reliable internet access. I’ve shared my top picks, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and the West Coast of the USA, all chosen for their proximity and robust infrastructure. Remember, it’s essential to have ExpressVPN set up before your trip to navigate around The Great Firewall effectively. With these tips in hand, you’ll be well-equipped to stay connected, no matter where you are in China.