How To Install ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV in 2024

Looking to enhance your streaming experience and protect your privacy on your Samsung Smart TV? I’ve got just the trick! Installing ExpressVPN on your device isn’t just smart; it’s a game-changer. It’ll unlock a world of content while keeping your online activities secure.

I know the idea of setting up a VPN might seem daunting, but don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you can enjoy all the benefits without the hassle. Get ready to stream with freedom and peace of mind!

Why install a VPN on your Samsung Smart TV?

When I upgraded my home entertainment with a Samsung Smart TV, my primary goal was to indulge in the vast ocean of content available online. But I quickly realized that privacy and content accessibility were significant concerns. This is where a VPN enters the scene, and it’s essential to know how to add ExpressVPN to your Samsung TV to reap these benefits.

For starters, a VPN masks your IP address, making it appear as if you’re browsing from a different location. This opens up a world of content that might otherwise be geo-restricted. ExpressVPN, being one of the top players in the market, provides access to numerous servers around the globe, meaning I can stream my favorite shows and movies which are not available in my region.

Another crucial aspect is privacy. The internet’s not always a safe place, and our smart TVs are as vulnerable as any other device. By understanding how to configure ExpressVPN on a Samsung Smart TV, I’ve ensured that my online activities are shielded from prying eyes, be it hackers or advertisers.

Lastly, I’ve come to realize the importance of a stable connection with minimal buffering. Since ExpressVPN provides unlimited bandwidth and built-in speed features, streaming is smooth and uninterrupted. Watching my preferred series without experiencing frustrating lags is made simple once I honed in on how to download ExpressVPN on my Samsung Smart TV.

Spotting the ExpressVPN app on my TV’s app store was straightforward, enabling me to get it up and running with ease. It’s imperative to remember that the steps on how to download ExpressVPN on Samsung TV are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those who aren’t tech-savvy can improve their streaming experience in minutes.

Step 1: Ensure your device is compatible

Before diving into how to add ExpressVPN to your Samsung TV, it’s essential to make sure your Smart TV is compatible with VPN services. Samsung Smart TVs support numerous apps and services, but compatibility with VPN apps like ExpressVPN may vary depending on the model and operating system.

To confirm compatibility, I’ll quickly check the model and year of my Samsung TV by going to the ‘Settings’, then selecting ‘Support’, followed by ‘About This TV’. ExpressVPN runs smoothly on models with Tizen operating system, which most Samsung Smart TVs released after 2015 come with.

For those who are wondering how to configure ExpressVPN on a Samsung Smart TV, the first step always remains the same: ensure the TV is compatible. If the exact model of the Samsung TV does not support VPN apps directly, don’t worry. There are alternative methods, such as setting up the VPN on a compatible router and connecting your Samsung TV to it.

In terms of how to download ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV, it may not always be directly available from the Samsung App Store. In this case, I’d consider sideloading or using a smart DNS proxy setup provided by ExpressVPN. This workaround ensures you’re still able to enjoy the privacy and geo-spoofing benefits ExpressVPN offers.

Step 2: Sign up for an ExpressVPN account

Before I could enjoy the benefits of secure and unrestricted streaming on my Samsung Smart TV, I needed to sign up for an ExpressVPN account. Luckily, the process was pretty straightforward. All I had to do was visit the ExpressVPN website on my computer or mobile device and choose my subscription plan.

ExpressVPN offers several plans, each with unlimited bandwidth and a variety of features like split-tunneling and 24/7 customer support. I picked the one that best fit my needs and filled in the necessary details. The whole process took just a few minutes before I was ready to move on to the next step.

After completing the registration, I received a confirmation email with my new account details and a link to set up my devices. This link was particularly important because it directed me to their setup page, where I could find detailed guides on how to download ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV and configure it properly.

One thing to take note of is the unique access code or activation link provided during the sign-up process. This component is key when it comes to how to add ExpressVPN to Samsung TV, especially during the installation phase. Now that I had my ExpressVPN account set up, I was one step closer to having a fully functional VPN on my Samsung TV.

Step 3: Install the ExpressVPN app on your Samsung Smart TV

Once I’ve got my ExpressVPN account ready and I’ve received my confirmation email, the next step is to install the app directly on my Samsung Smart TV. Here’s how I proceed:

First, I make sure my TV is connected to the internet. Then I press the ‘Home’ button on my remote and navigate to the ‘Apps’ section on the screen. Here’s where the power of ExpressVPN starts to shine through as I look for the app.

How to download ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV becomes a breeze with the search function. I simply use my remote to type in ‘ExpressVPN’ in the search bar and the app should then appear in the results.

Selecting the ExpressVPN app, I’m greeted with an ‘Install’ option. A quick press and the download process begins. Depending on my internet connection, it usually takes just a minute or two. It’s impressive how seamlessly it integrates into the TV’s ecosystem.

After the installation, the next logical step is how to configure ExpressVPN on Samsung Smart TV. Opening the app, I’m asked to sign in with the account details that I received in my email. Once logged in, I can easily select the server I wish to connect to, optimizing my streaming and privacy needs right away.

The app’s intuitive design makes it clear that how to add ExpressVPN to Samsung TV was a focal point during its development. With a few simple clicks, I’m now able to browse through a world of geo-restricted content and enjoy my shows in privacy and security.

Step 4: Launch the app and sign in

After I successfully download ExpressVPN on my Samsung TV, I’m ready to take the next steps. I found that launching the app was just as straightforward as the installation process. I simply press the ‘Home’ button on my Samsung TV remote to bring up the menu and locate the ExpressVPN icon. This step feels like a milestone because I’m moments away from a more secure and private viewing experience.

I open the app and am greeted with a sleek interface asking me to sign in. I enter the account details that I used when I signed up for ExpressVPN. Remember, the correct credentials are key here since this is what establishes the secure connection to ExpressVPN’s servers.

Once I’m signed in, I’m prompted to configure ExpressVPN on my Samsung Smart TV. The app guides me through a set of simple on-screen instructions, which I find incredibly helpful. Configuring the VPN isn’t something I do every day, so having clear directions ensures that I set everything up correctly.

Before I know it, I’m at a screen where I can select the server I wish to connect to. Choosing a server location can dramatically affect my streaming experience, especially if I’m aiming to access geo-restricted content. By selecting a server in a country where the content is available, I can enrich my streaming library significantly.

Step 5: Connect to a server location

After successfully installing and signing in to ExpressVPN on my Samsung Smart TV, it’s time to connect to a server. I’ll walk you through the process, emphasizing how seamless it is to add ExpressVPN to your Samsung TV for a secure browsing experience.

First, on the app’s home screen, I head over to the server location list which offers a broad range of options from around the globe. It’s important to select the right server location, especially if I’m aiming to access geo-restricted content. If I’m after a show that’s only available in the UK, I’ll simply select a server based there.

Here’s what I do:

  • I scroll through the list of available server locations.
  • I select the country or city that hosts my desired content.
  • I then tap ‘Connect’ and within seconds, I’m rerouted through that server.

And just like that, I’m ready to stream shows and movies otherwise unavailable in my region. Configuring ExpressVPN on a Samsung Smart TV isn’t just about unlocking new content; it’s also about maintaining privacy and security while browsing.

The app doesn’t restrict me to just one location. I can switch servers as often as I like, finding the speed and access that suit my viewing needs. Whether I’m in the mood for American sitcoms or Korean dramas, ExpressVPN’s server selection is robust enough to meet my diverse entertainment demands. Remember, a well-chosen server enhances streaming quality and reduces buffering, ensuring I can enjoy my shows without interruption.

Step 6: Enjoy streaming with ExpressVPN on your Samsung Smart TV

After completing the setup, I’m now ready to dive into a world of secure streaming. The moment I select the ideal server on ExpressVPN for my Samsung Smart TV, I can feel the difference. Instant access to geo-restricted content is at my fingertips, and the entire process from learning how to add ExpressVPN to Samsung TV to actual streaming is impressively straightforward.

Since I want the best experience, choosing a server location that’s close to the content’s origin often results in higher streaming quality. By configuring ExpressVPN on my smart TV, I’ve noticed less buffering and a significant improvement in the video clarity. For anyone wondering how to download ExpressVPN on Samsung smart TV, it’s important to highlight just how easy it is. It’s a seamless download process directly from the TV’s app store.

Switching between servers is just as easy, ensuring that if one server is a bit slow, I can quickly try another. It has become a game-changer in how I access and view content from various regions. Whether it’s for catching up on my favorite series or discovering new ones, my streaming sessions are now optimized for both speed and security.

Indeed, ExpressVPN’s versatility and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any Samsung Smart TV. And with no bandwidth limits, I’m free to explore an unlimited array of shows and movies without ever worrying about overages or unnecessary slowdowns.


Installing ExpressVPN on your Samsung Smart TV is a straightforward process that opens up a world of content while ensuring your online activities remain private. With the ability to switch servers effortlessly, you’re equipped to optimize your streaming experience, minimize buffering, and maintain high-quality viewing. Remember, the closer the server to the content you’re accessing, the better your streaming quality will be. I’ve found that with ExpressVPN, my Samsung Smart TV is not just smarter but also more secure and versatile, offering limitless entertainment without bandwidth restrictions. So go ahead, set up ExpressVPN, and dive into a seamless streaming experience on your Samsung Smart TV.