2023 ExpressVPN Cost: Save Big with Plans & Discounts

In the digital age, securing our online presence is more crucial than ever, and that’s where ExpressVPN comes into play. I’ve explored various VPN services, and ExpressVPN consistently stands out for its reliability and features. But let’s talk money—how much does it actually cost to protect your digital life with this top-tier VPN?

Navigating the pricing of VPNs can be as tricky as understanding the tech behind them. That’s why I’m here to break it down for you. Whether you’re a casual browser or a full-time digital nomad, there’s a plan that fits your needs and budget. Let’s dive into the details of ExpressVPN’s pricing structure and find out if it’s the right investment for your online security.

Pricing Plans of ExpressVPN

When I delved into how much is Express VPN, I found that it offers a straightforward pricing structure tailored for various user needs. There are three main plans to consider, and each provides the full suite of ExpressVPN’s privacy and security features. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll have access to all their server locations, high-speed bandwidth, and around-the-clock customer support.

First is the monthly plan, which is perfect for short-term users or those wanting to test the waters. This option bills you every month, and it’s the most flexible plan but also the least cost-efficient in the long run.

For those wondering how much is Express VPN per month when looking for a balance between commitment and value, the 6-month plan could be the sweet spot. It offers a lower monthly rate compared to the monthly plan and is billed every six months.

Here’s the breakdown of ExpressVPN’s pricing:

Subscription Length Total Cost Cost Per Month
1 Month $12.95 $12.95
6 Months $59.95 $9.99
12 Months $99.95 $8.32

The annual plan is where you see the most value. How much does Express VPN cost for those ready to commit for a year? Well, the annual subscription provides a substantial discount with the cost per month being significantly lower than the monthly plan. Plus, ExpressVPN often throws in additional months for free with this package, enhancing the deal even further.

It’s important to note that all these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try ExpressVPN risk-free and decide if it’s the right fit for you. Payments are versatile too, as they accept credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other methods, ensuring you can pay your way.

Remember that prices may vary based on your location due to currency differences, and sometimes special promotions or discounts could apply, potentially altering the baseline costs provided here. It’s always a good idea to check the official ExpressVPN website for the most current pricing and any special offers that might be available.

Monthly Subscription Cost

When I’m looking into the costs of a VPN service, the monthly subscription fee is a key factor that grabs my attention. If you’re wondering how much is ExpressVPN per month, you’re looking at the most flexible plan they offer. This plan allows you to avoid a long-term commitment, but it’s also the least economical option if you plan to use the service for an extended period.

For those considering this VPN, here’s what I’ve found about the monthly cost: As of my last check, ExpressVPN’s monthly plan is priced at $12.95. This rate provides full access to all their features without any restrictions, whether it’s the number of server locations, the ability to stream content globally, or the strength of their encryption.

Here’s a quick breakdown to put things into perspective:

Plan Cost Per Month Total Cost
Monthly Plan $12.95 $12.95

While that might seem steep at a glance, I’ve discovered that this cost is in line with the premium features and the highly acclaimed service that ExpressVPN is known for. I’d say it’s a viable option for anyone who needs a VPN for just a short while or for those who prefer not to commit to a longer plan right away.

Beyond the cost, it’s worth mentioning the peace of mind that comes with signing up for a service like ExpressVPN. You’re not only investing in online security and privacy but you also get exceptional customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund within the first month.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes ExpressVPN offers limited-time promotions that can decrease the monthly cost. So, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for those special deals before subscribing.

Payments are hassle-free too. ExpressVPN accepts a range of payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin for those who prefer an extra layer of privacy when purchasing.

Annual Subscription Cost

When looking at how much ExpressVPN costs on an annual basis, I’ve found that the investment becomes significantly more cost-effective. While the monthly pricing of ExpressVPN may be steeper than some competitors, their annual plan offers a more palatable price point. It’s priced at $99.95 for a full year, which breaks down to an equivalent of about $8.32 per month.

By opting for the annual subscription, you save 36% compared to the monthly plan. That’s a key consideration for anyone trying to figure out not just how much is ExpressVPN, but how to get the best value from it. To put that into perspective, over the course of a year, you’ll save almost $55 by choosing the annual plan over a month-to-month subscription.

Here are the savings in an easy-to-understand markdown table:

Subscription Type Monthly Cost Total Annual Cost Annual Savings
Monthly Plan $12.95 $155.40
Annual Plan $8.32 $99.95 $55.45

It’s important to note that ExpressVPN occasionally offers additional discounts on their annual plan, which further reduce the cost. These promotions might align with major holidays or special events, so keep an eye out for those.

Payments for the annual subscription are as flexible as the monthly ones. You can use credit cards, PayPal, and for those who prefer more privacy and perhaps a touch of modernity in their transaction, ExpressVPN accepts Bitcoin too.

One major advantage of committing for a year is that you’re locking in the price. With internet privacy and security becoming hot-button issues, prices for VPN services could climb. Securing a year of service at today’s prices is a savvy move, and you can rest easy knowing you’re covered by ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, their acclaimed customer support is there for you 24/7, which adds to the value of choosing a longer plan. With the annual subscription, you’re not only addressing how much is ExpressVPN per month, but also ensuring you’re getting superior service for a considerable stretch of time.

Features of Each Subscription Plan

Deciding how much to invest in a VPN service often hinges on what you’re getting for your money. I’ve found that regardless of whether I choose the monthly or annual plan, ExpressVPN provides a robust set of features.

Unlimited bandwidth is a cornerstone of both plans, allowing me to stream, download, and browse without worrying about hitting a data cap. Security is non-negotiable, and ExpressVPN doesn’t skimp here; with their 256-bit encryption, I’m confident my data remains private and secure. Plus, with a no-logging policy, my online activities are my own business.

How much is ExpressVPN per month? Well, when you consider the access to over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, the price seems reasonable for the geographical flexibility it affords. This vast network ensures I can always find a high-speed server no matter where I am, and it’s particularly handy for bypassing geo-restrictions.

ExpressVPN’s automatic kill switch is another essential feature. This safety net cuts my internet connection if the VPN service drops, so my sensitive information is never exposed. Both plans also offer simultaneous connections for up to 5 devices, meaning I can secure my phone, tablet, and computer with a single subscription.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

Feature Monthly Plan Annual Plan
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Encryption 256-bit 256-bit
Server Access 3,000+ in 94 Countries 3,000+ in 94 Countries
Kill Switch Yes Yes
Simultaneous Connections 5 Devices 5 Devices

For those curious about device compatibility, ExpressVPN supports a wide range of systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and even some routers. I appreciate the 24/7 customer support too. Whether it’s troubleshooting or account questions, help is just a chat away.

How much does Express VPN cost if you’re looking for extra features? Some advanced options are also available, like split tunneling, which lets me route some of my device traffic through the VPN while other devices connect directly to the internet. This is ideal for when I’m multi-tasking across different levels of security needs.

Additional Costs or Discounts

When it comes to understanding how much does Express VPN cost, it’s essential to consider potential additional costs or discounts that may influence the final price. ExpressVPN offers various promotional deals throughout the year, which can significantly reduce the subscription cost. For instance, during holiday seasons or special sale events, new subscribers might find discounts that make the service more accessible.

Subscribers wondering how much is Express VPN per month should also note the potential for added costs, depending on their choice of payment methods. Some payment platforms may include processing fees, which could slightly increase the overall expense. However, ExpressVPN itself doesn’t add any extra charges for the use of specific payment methods.

For users committed to long-term usage, opting for the annual plan is economical as it reduces the monthly cost. This upfront payment approach can save subscribers up to 35% compared to the monthly fee structure, ensuring they get the best value for their money. This is a critical factor to consider for anyone calculating how much is Express VPN in the long run.

To further benefit customers, ExpressVPN has a referral program. By referring friends or family, users can earn free service time, extending their subscription without extra payment. The referred individuals also typically receive a discount on their initial subscription, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Students budgeting for VPN services should lookout for discounts offered with student statuses, as these can further decrease how much is Express VPN annually or monthly. Eligibility generally requires verification through a valid educational email address or through student discount services.

While the base rates for ExpressVPN provide a starting point, savvy shoppers who time their purchase right, choose longer subscription periods, utilize referrals, or qualify for student discounts can enjoy a more affordable VPN experience. Keep an eye on the official website or sign up for newsletters to stay informed about the latest deals and offers.

Is ExpressVPN Worth the Price?

When evaluating how much ExpressVPN costs, it’s essential to consider the value you’re getting. I’ve discovered that the quality of service, security features, and user experience offered by ExpressVPN often justifies the subscription cost. Here’s what makes ExpressVPN stand out among its peers and why I think it’s worth the price.

Premium Security Features

ExpressVPN provides top-tier encryption, which secures your data and ensures privacy. This robust protection is crucial in an era where data breaches are alarmingly common. For me, a VPN’s ability to offer peace of mind is primary, and ExpressVPN delivers on that front. They also include a kill switch feature, which immediately disconnects the internet if the VPN connection drops, protecting your data from unintended exposure.

Vast Server Network

With over 3000 servers in 94 countries, ExpressVPN offers a vast network, ensuring you can connect to a local server for fast speeds or choose an international one to bypass geo-restrictions. The extensive server coverage means you’re likely to find a server near you, which is vital for maintaining high speeds.

User-Friendly Experience

How much is ExpressVPN per month if you’re not tech-savvy? Well, you don’t need to be an expert to use it. Its ease of use is another reason why I feel it’s worth investing in. With simple, intuitive apps for various devices, you can get started with ExpressVPN instantly, making it accessible to a broader range of users.

Additional Perks

Besides, ExpressVPN offers some additional benefits such as split tunneling, where you can select which apps will use the VPN and which won’t. Also, there’s no throttling, ensuring consistent speeds regardless of how much data you use.

When asking “how much is ExpressVPN”, it’s not just about the numeric cost but the value you receive in exchange for that cost. I always recommend considering these features alongside the price to determine if it fits within your budget while meeting your security and usability needs.


Navigating the cost of ExpressVPN is straightforward once you know where to look for savings. I’ve pointed out that the annual plan offers significant cost advantages and there are smart ways to reduce your expenses even further through referral programs and student discounts. Remember, it’s not just about the price tag but also what you get for your money. With ExpressVPN, you’re investing in top-notch security, a wide server selection, and user-friendly features that enhance your online experience. Keep an eye on their website for the latest deals and consider the overall value when deciding on your VPN provider. Trust me, with ExpressVPN, you’re getting more than just a VPN service; you’re ensuring peace of mind in the digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the updated pricing plans for ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN offers several pricing options, with potential added costs or discounts that vary. The most impactful savings is the 35% discount available on the annual plan. Always check the official site for current details.

Are there any discounts available for ExpressVPN services?

Yes, ExpressVPN provides promotional deals, student discounts, and a referral program. These discounts can significantly reduce costs. Visit their website or sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on these offers.

How can I save money on ExpressVPN subscriptions?

To save money on ExpressVPN, consider the annual plan to save up to 35%, take advantage of the referral program, check for student discounts, and look for promotional offers on their website.

Does ExpressVPN offer a referral program?

Yes, ExpressVPN has a referral program that rewards existing users with benefits when they refer new customers. The specific rewards can vary, so checking the website for the latest referral benefits is recommended.

Which features of ExpressVPN should be considered when evaluating its price?

When assessing ExpressVPN’s price, consider its premium security features, extensive server network, user-friendly interface, and extra benefits such as split tunneling and no throttling, which enhance the service’s overall value.