2023 NordVPN Monthly Cost: Pricing Plans Explained

In the quest for online privacy and security, a reliable VPN is a must-have. That’s where NordVPN comes into play, renowned for its robust protection and speedy servers. But with top-tier services often comes the question of cost. How much does NordVPN really set you back each month?

I’ve delved into the pricing plans of NordVPN to give you the lowdown on what you can expect to pay. Whether you’re budget-conscious or looking for premium features, understanding the cost is key to making an informed decision. Let’s break down the numbers and see if NordVPN fits your financial comfort zone.

NordVPN Pricing Plans

When considering a VPN, it’s crucial to dig into the details of the pricing plans offered. NordVPN doesn’t disappoint with its range of options, designed to cater to different needs and budgets. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be spending on this service.

For starters, how much does NordVPN cost per month? Well, if you opt for the monthly subscription, you’re looking at a rate that’s a bit steeper in comparison to long-term plans. It’s a good fit if you’re testing the waters or need a VPN for a short stint.

But if you’re looking for value, the yearly subscription is where it’s at. Priced effectively lower, the annual cost breakdown makes NordVPN an attractive choice for the budget-conscious user. Moreover, if you’re wondering how much does NordVPN cost after 2 years, you’ll find that the biennial plan takes the cake for savings over time. The upfront cost is higher, but when you calculate the expense monthly, it’s economical, and that’s without sacrificing any features or security.

Here are the plans broken down:

Subscription Length Total Cost Monthly Cost Equivalent
1 Month $11.95 $11.95
1 Year $59.00 $4.92
2 Years $89.00 $3.71

Do note that these prices reflect the standard rates without any promotions or discounts that NordVPN occasionally offers. It’s always wise to check their website for any ongoing deals that could further reduce how much NordVPN costs per year or month.

If you’re leaning towards a commitment, the multi-year plans are undeniably the best bet for your wallet. Not only do you get to enjoy NordVPN’s formidable service, but you also end up with more dollars in your pocket in the long run. Regular users find that the blend of affordability and security is worth the upfront investment.

Keep in mind that all subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can tread confidently, knowing you’re not locked in if your circumstances change or if you’re not 100% satisfied with the service.

Basic Plan

When it comes to figuring out how much does NordVPN cost per month, the Basic Plan is a great starting point for many users. On a month-to-month basis, NordVPN’s Basic Plan is priced at a level that reflects the premium features you get with the service. If you’re after short-term security and don’t want to commit to a longer subscription, this plan might be right for you.

One of the key aspects of the Basic Plan is that it gives you full access to all of NordVPN’s servers and its top-notch encryption technology. You’re not sacrificing performance or privacy for a lower cost. How much does NordVPN cost with this plan varies as they tend to update their prices regularly. However, you can expect the cost to remain competitive within the VPN market, especially considering the robust features included.

For those curious about long-term savings, figuring out how much does NordVPN cost per year or even after two years comes down to your willingness to commit to a longer plan. Generally, the monthly rate drops significantly when you choose an annual or biennial subscription, often making the upfront cost more attractive in the long run. Think about how much does NordVPN cost after 2 years and whether the potential savings align with your budgeting preferences.

Remember that promotions may affect the initial cost, and I recommend keeping your eyes peeled for any ongoing deals which might bring down the monthly expense even further. Additionally, regardless of the plan you choose, the 30-day money-back guarantee remains a constant, offering peace of mind for those still on the fence.

Subscription Length Total Price Monthly Cost Equivalent
Monthly Basic Plan Varied Varied
Annual Basic Plan Varied Lower than Monthly Plan
Biennial Basic Plan Varied Lowest Cost Option

By choosing NordVPN, you’re investing in secure, private browsing, and the Basic Plan is just the beginning. Explore it as a viable option, especially if you prefer to test the waters before diving into a more extended commitment.

Advanced Plan

Diving deeper into NordVPN’s offerings, I’ve discovered that the Advanced Plan takes the experience up a notch. Ideal for those who want both long-term protection and a suite of extra features, this plan is a middle-of-the-road option that perfectly balances cost and value.

With the Advanced Plan, you won’t just get basic VPN features. This package often includes additional tools like malware protection and ad blocking, ensuring a cleaner and safer browsing experience. These features are a boon for anyone serious about their online security and privacy, making it a compelling choice among the different NordVPN packages.

When discussing how much does NordVPN cost per month under the Advanced Plan, prices are more appealing than the Basic Plan when you commit to a longer duration. A one-year commitment typically brings the monthly rate down significantly compared to paying month-to-month. Here’s a quick rundown:

Subscription Length Monthly Cost Equivalent
1 Month $11.95
1 Year $4.92

It’s worth noting that when considering how much does NordVPN cost per year, the annual price for the Advanced Plan is a smart investment compared to the month-by-month approach, with potential savings stacking up as the months roll by. And let’s not forget, by opting for the two-year plan, these savings are even more pronounced. Often, the question of how much does NordVPN cost after 2 years is answered with an irresistible offer that’s hard to pass up—though pricing may fluctuate based on current deals or changes in subscription policies.

Given the fluctuating nature of VPN pricing, I always keep a vigilant eye on NordVPN’s website for any updates or limited-time promotions that could make this already attractive package even more affordable. Moreover, regardless of the chosen duration, the Advanced Plan is backed by NordVPN’s steadfast 30-day money-back guarantee, granting peace of mind to subscribers.

Premium Plan

While exploring how much NordVPN costs, it’s crucial to examine the Premium Plan. Targeting users seeking the apex of privacy and expanded capabilities, this plan takes security a notch higher. I’ve taken the liberty to assess what it offers and how it fits into your budget.

The Premium Plan isn’t just about connecting to a VPN; it’s a comprehensive security suite. With this package, users gain access to NordLocker, NordVPN’s powerful file encryption tool, and NordPass, a sophisticated password manager. These additions elevate your online protection well beyond the standard features.

Breaking down the cost, the Premium Plan follows a similar structure as the Advanced Plan. Committing to a longer period yields substantial savings. Let’s look at the monthly rate over several durations:

Duration Monthly Cost Total Cost per Duration Savings Comparison
1 Month $14.99 $14.99
1 Year $6.99 $83.88 53% off monthly rate
2 Years $5.99 $143.76 60% off monthly rate

Always on the lookout for a great deal, I recommend keeping an eye on NordVPN’s website for any promotions or special offers that could further reduce how much NordVPN costs per month. If you’re pondering how much NordVPN costs after 2 years, the Premium Plan accrues impressive savings, particularly with the option of a 2-year commitment.

Every Premium Plan carries the same 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring peace of mind with your investment. Whether your focus is on the monthly or yearly cost, NordVPN’s Premium Plan offers significant value for those serious about their online security and device protection. Remember, the longer your commitment, the more you save, turning NordVPN into an economical yet robust choice for cybersecurity over time.

Comparing the Plans

When considering how much NordVPN costs per month, it’s key to compare the different plans they offer. NordVPN’s Standard Plan is the entry-level option, perfect for those who need the basics of VPN protection without the added features. On a month-to-month basis, this plan will cost more than if you subscribe for a year or two. Investing in a longer-term commitment often leads to substantial savings.

For many of my readers inquiring about how much does NordVPN cost per year, opting for the annual subscription can be economically savvy. It spreads out the cost and reduces the monthly equivalent, making it friendlier on the wallet. To be specific, you can expect significantly lower rates than the month-to-month option when you choose the annual or biennial plan.

However, for the best value, I’ve noticed that many users ask, how much does NordVPN cost after 2 years? That’s where the real saving comes into play. Subscribing for two years offers an even lower monthly equivalent cost, adding up to considerable long-term savings. It’s for users who are ready to commit and want to maximize their investment in online security. Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs for comparison:

Plan Monthly Cost Equivalent Total Cost Over 2 Years
1-Month Plan Highest monthly rate Highest total cost
1-Year Plan Lower monthly rate Moderate total cost
2-Year Plan Lowest monthly rate Lowest total cost

Keep in mind, these rates are standard without promotions or special offers, which can further reduce how much NordVPN costs per month. Whether you’re just starting with NordVPN or considering an extension of your current plan, it’s essential to weigh your needs against the available options to find the sweet spot between cost and coverage. Always remember to look out for those special offers that can come out of the blue, slashing prices even further.


Choosing the right NordVPN plan boils down to your specific needs and budget. I’ve found that opting for a longer subscription can lead to significant savings, making it a smart choice for those committed to long-term usage. Always be on the lookout for deals, as they can make this already valuable service even more affordable. Remember, investing in a VPN is not just about cost but also about securing your online presence, and NordVPN stands out as a reliable option. With a little research and timely decision-making, you can enjoy the benefits of one of the top VPNs on the market without breaking the bank.