Quick Guide: Turn Off VPN on Your iPhone Easily

If you’re like me, you love the privacy and security a VPN provides, especially on your iPhone. But sometimes, you need to switch it off, whether it’s to speed up your connection or access geo-blocked content.

I’ve found myself scratching my head, trying to figure out how to toggle off that VPN. It’s tucked away in the settings, but once you know where to look, it’s a breeze. Let me guide you through the quick steps to turn off VPN on your iPhone and get you back to browsing with ease.

Why would you want to turn off your VPN on your iPhone?

When I first installed a VPN on my iPhone, I was focused on enhancing my online privacy and security. However, there are times when I find myself needing to disable the VPN. One of the prime reasons is to improve internet speed. VPNs can sometimes slow down the connection because they route your traffic through another server which can be far away or congested.

Another reason to turn off a VPN could be accessing local content. There are moments when I’m trying to watch live sports or local news, and I can’t because the VPN is assigning me an IP address from another country. This can be frustrating, especially when time zones interfere with the live streams.

Additionally, some applications and services don’t work properly with a VPN. For example, my banking app tends to flag my account for potential fraud if it detects I’m logging in from a different location via my VPN. Knowing how to take the VPN off my iPhone quickly lets me use these services without hassle.

Here’re a few scenarios when turning off a VPN iPhone makes sense:

  • When apps detect VPN use and limit functionality
  • To perform speed-intensive tasks where a VPN may cause lag
  • To access digital content or services that are region-specific

What about other devices? Well, the process is similar. If you’re wondering how to turn off VPN on iPad, it follows much the same method as the iPhone—which I’ll outline further on. Let’s remember, the VPN isn’t just an on/off switch for security, but a tool to use wisely to balance between protection and convenience. And thankfully, iOS makes it pretty straightforward to manage this setting whenever needed.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone

When I need to disable my VPN on an iPhone, the first step is always straightforward: I start by tapping on the Settings app icon. This app is typically found on the home screen, and it’s the one with a gear icon. For many, it’s considered the control center of the iPhone, where numerous functionalities can be managed, from Wi-Fi and cellular connections to your personal VPN settings.

After opening the Settings app, I often notice my iPhone’s connection status at the top, which gives me a quick glance at whether the VPN is actively running. As I scroll down, I keep an eye out for the VPN section, but I don’t tap on it just yet. Instead, my next move is to look for the ‘General’ tab. This is a crucial step because the general settings include a myriad of device configurations and is the gatekeeper to the VPN toggle options.

Navigating through the General settings might seem daunting with its plethora of options, but it’s actually quite simple. Here’s where iOS and iPadOS align in design, making the process familiar if you’re someone who also uses an iPad. Locating the VPN profile doesn’t take long, and once found, I’m only a few taps away from being able to turn off the VPN on my device.

In the General section, the VPN is nestled among other settings like Software Update, Background App Refresh, and Reset. I look for the VPN option, which is usually accompanied by a “>”. This indicates there’s a submenu where the actual controls are situated to disconnect the VPN. It’s important, especially for those wondering how to take VPN off iPhone or how to disable VPN on iPhone, to follow these initial steps without rushing to ensure you don’t overlook the VPN settings altogether.

Remember, patience is key. Once you’re in the General settings, you’re inching closer to toggling off your VPN and regaining direct, unfiltered access to the internet or local content.

Step 2: Tap on the VPN option

After I’ve navigated to the General settings on my iPhone, the next thing I do is to tap on the VPN option. This is often towards the bottom of the menu, so I don’t rush; it’s crucial to locate it correctly to avoid changing other settings inadvertently. On the VPN settings screen, I can see whether a VPN connection is active – it would typically show ‘Connected’ next to the VPN profile I’ve been using.

To further explain how to disable VPN on iPhone, I need to select the VPN profile that’s currently active. This step is essential because if I have multiple profiles installed, it’s vital to choose the correct one. Otherwise, I might end up disconnecting the wrong VPN or toggling settings unintendedly.

Once I’ve selected the right profile, how to disconnect VPN on iPhone becomes straightforward. A simple tap on the status switch is usually all it takes. It changes from green to grey, indicating that the VPN connection is no longer active. At this point, my internet connection reverts back to its default state, no longer routing through the secure tunnel that the VPN provided.

For those wondering how to take VPN off iPhone entirely, not just disconnecting, there’s an additional step. I can remove the VPN configuration from my device entirely by selecting ‘Delete Profile’ at the bottom of the VPN configuration page. However, it’s important to remember that deleting the VPN profile means I’ll need to reconfigure it again if I decide to use the service in the future.

If I’m operating a different device, say an iPad, the process of how to turn off VPN on iPad mirrors that of the iPhone. The iOS platform ensures the steps remain consistent across devices, which is convenient for users like me who use multiple Apple devices. With my VPN turned off, I can expect my internet to function without the encrypted layers of privacy and security a VPN provides.

Step 3: Find the VPN connection you want to turn off

Once I’m in the VPN settings on my iPhone, I’ll see a list of VPN configurations if I have more than one set up. It’s essential to identify the correct VPN connection to avoid disrupting other secure connections that might be in use.

Each VPN profile will typically have a label or configuration name. Here’s how I’ll ensure I’m tweaking the right one:

  • Look for the VPN profile name that I recognize or the one I’ve most recently been using.
  • Check for any details associated with each profile, such as the server address, which can hint at the VPN service provider.
  • Note the status indicator next to each VPN profile which shows if it’s currently connected.

If the status shows that the VPN is connected, that’s the one I’ll want to turn off. On iPhone, it’s as straightforward as tapping the status switch — no complex procedures required. When I tap, it should change from green to grey, illustrating that it’s no longer active.

For those curious about how to turn off VPN on iPad, the steps are virtually identical. Both iOS devices follow the same interface layout, simplifying the process for users who switch between the two. So, whether I’m trying to figure out how to disable VPN on iPhone or how to turn off VPN on iPad, the user experience remains consistent.

Understanding how to take VPN off iPhone is vital for situations where I no longer need a secure connection or when troubleshooting network issues. Once the VPN is disconnected, my iPhone will revert to a direct internet connection, which sometimes is necessary for particular apps or services that don’t run over a VPN. This knowledge helps maintain control over my device’s connectivity and security settings.

Step 4: Turn off the VPN connection

Once I’ve located the right VPN profile, turning it off is straightforward. The status switch, which I mentioned before, is key to understanding how to disconnect VPN on iPhone. It was green while connected; however, to disconnect, I’ll simply tap on this switch and watch as the icon changes color from green to grey. This visual cue confirms that the VPN is no longer active.

To ensure I don’t toggle the wrong one, especially when multiple VPNs are configured on my device, I always double-check the VPN’s name before switching it off. That’s how to take VPN off iPhone without affecting other profiles that may need to remain active for different purposes.

It’s handy to know how to turn off VPN on iPad too since the process is identical. This way, whether I’m on my iPhone or iPad, I can manage my VPN settings seamlessly. When I need to disable the VPN briefly to test my internet connection without the VPN or if the VPN is interfering with my browsing or app usage, knowing how to turn off VPN iPhone quickly lets me troubleshoot without hassle.

Another tip I’d like to share is that if I plan to turn off my VPN often, I can create a shortcut in the iOS Shortcuts app to automate this step. However, this requires some initial setup, which is slightly more advanced but can be a time-saver. For those who are not as comfortable with shortcuts or simply prefer the manual method, the steps I’ve outlined are all that’s necessary.

The convenience of being able to manage my VPN settings directly from my phone means I can control my privacy and security settings in real-time, wherever I am. And while there are various reasons I might need to know how to disable VPN on iPhone, each time the method remains the same – quick and uncomplicated.

Step 5: Confirmation message

Once I’ve selected the appropriate VPN profile and tapped the status switch, a confirmation message typically pops up. This is a critical step because it ensures that I’m intentionally disabling the connection. I always look for this message to confirm that everything is proceeding as planned.

Here’s what the confirmation message usually says:

“Are you sure you want to turn off VPN connection?”

At this juncture, there are two actions I can take. If I’m confident that I do want to disable the VPN, I’ll tap Yes. However, if I’ve hit the switch accidentally or I’m not ready to turn off the VPN just yet, I’ll select No. It’s important to read the message carefully because once the VPN is turned off, my device will no longer be using the encrypted tunnel for Internet access.

After confirming my desire to disconnect, the status switch will immediately change color from green to grey, signifying that the VPN is no longer active. I’ll make sure to watch for this visual cue to know the process has been successful.

Interestingly, the process of how to disable VPN on iPhone doesn’t differ much when I’m doing the same on my iPad. The visual confirmations are generally the same, which allows for a seamless experience across iOS devices. So regardless of whether I’m figuring out how to turn off VPN iphone or how to turn off VPN on iPad, I’m met with familiar interfaces and prompts.

For those wondering how to take VPN off iPhone quickly, don’t forget that responsiveness of your device plays an important role. If, for whatever reason, I find that my screen isn’t responding as it should when I try to disable the VPN, I’ll take a moment to troubleshoot which may involve refreshing the settings page or checking to see if my device’s software is up to date. On-the-fly troubleshooting steps like these keep me from experiencing undue frustration when I need to quickly change my device’s security settings.


Turning off a VPN on my iPhone is a breeze once I’ve got the hang of it. By simply tapping the status switch in my General settings, I’m able to disconnect without a hitch. It’s reassuring to know that I can manage my secure connections effortlessly and even automate the process for future convenience. Whether I’m using an iPhone or iPad, I’m confident in my ability to control my privacy settings. And if I ever hit a snag, I’ve learned some quick troubleshooting steps to get back on track. With these tools at my disposal, managing my VPN is just a few taps away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn off a VPN on an iPhone?

To turn off a VPN on an iPhone, go to the General settings, tap on the VPN option, select the correct VPN profile, and then tap the status switch to change it from green to grey.

What should you be careful about when selecting a VPN profile to disconnect?

Be careful to select the correct VPN profile to disconnect so as not to disrupt other secure connections that you may want to keep active.

Can you create a shortcut to quickly turn off a VPN on an iPhone?

Yes, you can use the iOS Shortcuts app to create a shortcut that automates the process of turning off the VPN on an iPhone.

What confirmation message appears when you successfully turn off a VPN?

A confirmation message may appear when you turn off a VPN to indicate that the VPN has been successfully disconnected.

What should you do if your iPhone is unresponsive when you try to turn off the VPN?

If your iPhone is unresponsive when trying to turn off the VPN, follow the troubleshooting steps provided in the article, such as restarting your device or checking for iOS updates.

Is the process of turning off a VPN the same on an iPad?

Yes, the process of turning off a VPN is virtually identical on an iPad as it is on an iPhone.