Is Your Surfshark VPN Functioning? Quick Verification Tips

Ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering if your VPN is actually doing its job? I’ve been there, and I know how crucial it is to ensure your digital safety net is up and running. That’s why I’m diving into how to check if Surfshark, one of the leading VPN services out there, is working correctly.

I’ll walk you through the simple steps to verify your Surfshark connection. Whether you’re a streaming fanatic, a privacy advocate, or just looking to browse securely, it’s essential to know that your VPN isn’t just on, but it’s working hard to protect you. Let’s make sure you’re getting the anonymity and security you’re paying for with Surfshark.

Step 1: Check your Surfshark account credentials

When I suspect my Surfshark VPN might not be working properly, the first thing I do is double-check my account credentials. It’s essential to ensure that I’m logged into the right account with the correct username and password. Sometimes, it’s as simple as realizing I’ve mistyped something or my password has changed.

To verify that I’m logged in with the correct details, I navigate to the Surfshark app and check the settings. Here, I can see the account information and whether or not I’m currently connected. If there’s an error or if it prompts me to log in again, I know immediately that this could be why Surfshark isn’t functioning as expected.

Remember, without the correct account credentials, I won’t be able to connect to any of Surfshark’s servers effectively. Making sure I’m properly logged in is a crucial step because if Surfshark is not running due to a sign-in issue, dealing with this gets me one step closer to ensuring my online activities are secured as they should be.

Step 2: Open the Surfshark app and log in

The next phase in verifying Surfshark’s effectiveness is straightforward: open the Surfshark app. I find it’s always a quick process, whether I’m on my smartphone or laptop. With the app open, the critical thing is to log in. I always double-check my credentials because it’s easy to miss a letter or a number, and accuracy is key.

Once I’m logged in, I look for obvious signs of connectivity. How do I know if my Surfshark VPN is working? For starters, a visible status indicator should show that I’m connected. If I’m trying to figure out how to tell if Surfshark is running, I make sure the VPN is active by checking for the connected symbol or text on the app’s main screen.

If there’s any confusion about whether Surfshark is functioning properly, I check for a change in my IP address—a sure sign that Surfshark is doing its job. How do I know if Surfshark is working? It’s simple: my IP address should differ from when I’m not connected to the VPN.

Step 3: Connect to a Surfshark server

After confirming that I’m logged in, the next step is crucial: connecting to a Surfshark server. Successful connection is a clear indication that Surfshark is running. I simply choose a server from the list or let the app pick the Optimal Location for me. A message typically appears indicating that a connection is being established.

Once the connection is secure, Surfshark shows a connected status, which is my cue. This is how I know Surfshark is working—when my chosen server is active and there’s a visible change in my network status. If any doubt lingers about whether the VPN is active, a quick check of the current IP address against the one displayed by the app dispels this—confirming that I am indeed connected to the VPN.

The versatility of Surfshark allows me to select servers tailored to my needs, whether I’m looking for speed, privacy, or location-specific access. When I notice my internet experience aligns with these preferences, it reassures me that Surfshark is operating effectively.

Step 4: Test your IP address

Once I’m connected to a Surfshark server, it’s essential to verify that my actual IP address is hidden to ensure Surfshark is working correctly. To test my IP address, I visit a website like ‘’ It’s a simple yet effective way to check if my IP address has changed from my real one to the server’s.

I typically look for discrepancies between my real IP and the one shown on the site. If they match the Surfshark server’s location that I’ve connected to, then it’s a confirmation — Surfshark is running seamlessly.

To be thorough, how do I know if my Surfshark VPN is working exactly as it should? I’ll use several different IP checking websites to rule out any inconsistencies. If all show the new IP address, I can confidently say Surfshark is performing its job.

The ability to mask my IP is one of the reasons how I tell if Surfshark is running. With a different IP, my online presence is anonymized, giving me peace of mind about my privacy and security while browsing.

Step 5: Check for VPN leaks

To ensure I’ve got a solid VPN connection with Surfshark, it’s crucial to check for any leaks. DNS and WebRTC leaks are the main culprits that can expose my real IP address even when I’m connected to a VPN. By using VPN leak test tools like ‘,’ I can run a comprehensive check.

As soon as I navigate to the site, it automatically starts testing and shows if there’s any exposure of my DNS or IP address. This step is key to verify Surfshark is working correctly because if there are no leaks detected, my online activities remain private. If leaks are present, Surfshark offers built-in features that I can enable to prevent them, ensuring a tighter security shield.

Another quick check involves disabling and then re-enabling Surfshark to see if protection resumes effectively. This helps me know Surfshark is running and continues to safeguard my online footprint seamlessly. By regularly conducting these tests, I stay confident that my Surfshark VPN is working and my internet experience is secure and private.


Ensuring Surfshark is up to the task of protecting my online privacy is a priority for me. By running regular leak tests and checking the VPN’s functionality after toggling it on and off, I’m able to maintain peace of mind. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and proactive about online security and Surfshark’s built-in features make this process straightforward. I’m confident in the VPN’s ability to keep my internet experience secure and private, and I encourage you to take similar steps to protect your digital life.